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MCC inc. is an integrated communication services company. Founded 16 years ago,
MCC inc. has succeeded in engaging not only with private companies, but also numerous government institutions; our job is to carry out result-driven promotions or campaigns for both products and services. As a result of our renowned services, we have many frequent clients such as the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health, Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Education and Culture, British Petroleum Indonesia, and Conocophillips. 

Born in Indonesia

We are a successful nationally-born marketing agency that operate to help advertisers increase the reach of their brand and improve their image. 

Being Indonesian

We are continuously growing alongside the Indonesian market thus we understand the ever-changing market segmentation and customer behavior. 

Client’s Growth

Our objective is the growth of the client’s brands and businesses. We ensure that there are noticeable improvements in sales and longevity of customer’s loyalty to ensure the brand’s growth and success. 

Result Driven

Our company always give our maximum effort to produce the best outcomes and results

Community-Based Strategy

We believe that the community is the most important. It is the platform that we use to develop awareness and increase the brand’s engagement back to the community. 

Connecting with The Audience

Our company is selective of our media-platform options. We ensure that it’s best suited with the brand’s identity and has the best potential to connect with its target audience


Mediatama CiptaCitra started as SBY-JK’s Media Center in 2004’s presidential election, which successfully contributed to the victory of SBY-JK by managing their communication strategies.  

Following that remarkable success, we grew to become an integrated communication company that is driven to provide solutions for our client’s communication needs by strategically planning a concept capable to develop the brand and improve the execution of their products/services.

Now, our company has 4 divisions that work as tools to serve our client’s needs, those include MC-AD (advertising), MC-ACT (activation), MC-COM (social and political marketing), and MC-CSR (public relations), all of which are thoroughly managed by a team of experts since 2005.


Social Media’s New Role in Marketing Communication and its Opportunities in Online Strategy Building

New trends affected communication recently, modifying the basic aspects and attitudes of firms and consumers. Many companies believe that their existence on social media platforms is the key ingredient to a successful way of activity in the web 2.0 era. However, these new tendencies entail a myopia in strategy for companies who do not integrate …

Digital Marketing

In 2018, we developed a range of services for digital/online media under a new company called MediaNet – PT Medianet Citra Cakrabuana. The 21st century has changed the pattern of communication and influenced the customer consumption behavior. Due to that, MediaNet is dedicated to equipping quality digital-based services, including marketing research, creating a concept of …

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