Creating public awareness up to do an action, is the main battle of the game of this division. Managing purchased mass media is one of our strategy to make the right Public Awareness to increase selling volume. This division is used to do Pre-campaign test, Qualitative and quantitative indication research, Brand perception audit, U&A survey, Communications concept and strategy development, also Creative materials development (copy writing).


Contributing a major achievements in our client’s goal in the marketing battle ground is the essence of this division’s services. Planning, Implementing, Managing, Organizing and valuating a commercial, political and social events as well as branding venues, branding market place, competition, show, ceremonials, marketing games and other strategies is our day to day activities.
Don’t think MC-ACT is just an event organizer. We targeted to activate your institution, your organization, your brand, your product, your services, your concept in the marketing battle ground. All your needs will be treated in ‘outstanding’ creativity & innovation. It will be memorable to your target !


There is an arena of a company, organization, institution, government agencies, or individual in doing social or political activities. MC-COM has shown it’s capabilities and track record in handling that mission in the manner of marketing strategy successfully.
Since the success of “marketing” SBY-JK in 2004’s Indonesian Presidential Election, our exploration of social & political marketing strategy keep innovate time by time to meet client’s objective.
We implemented those strategies through the tactics of media exposure, stake holder’s lobbying, communities engagements, communications on behavioral impact, corporate social responsibilities, public figunng, managing issues, “branding” social/political programs etc.


In today’s business, Corporate Social Responsibility program is one of compans good performance indicator. Well designed and implemented CSR programs as company’s involvement in improving the quality of community life will also have impact on the performance of companies that implement it. In Act No. 40 of 2007 on Private Companies, CSR program is one of the obligation of all companies operating in Indonesia.
In the recent years MCC has been developing o new division of CSR and social performance as companies’ and institutions’ partner to develop social programs in accordance with company’s & institution’s vision.
In 2010 MCC worked with Telkomsel and Nokia Siemens Networks on the prevention of dengue fever in 1 4 cities in Indonesia. Currently MCC CSR together with BP Indonesia (was British Petroleum) – working on good governance and public health programs.